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The IdentityIQ Protect Plan can provide you with the kind of financial peace of mind that comes with being an informed and proactive consumer with a team of experts to support you. Know what is in your credit reports at the major credit reporting agencies. Watch for changes in your credit score and receive alerts if something changes in your credit file.

3 Bureau Daily Credit Monitoring & Alerts

            1 Bureau Credit Report & Score

             Discounted Additional Reports & Scores

             One call Dispute Assistance

             $1,000,000 ID Theft Insurance

             Credit Score Tracker

              ID Fraud Restoration Specialist

             Fraud Alert Assistance

             Opt-out IQ (Junk Mail/Do Not Call List)

             Checking Account Report

              Lost Wallet Form & Assistance

              Credit Score Simulator  

               IQ Center

      Contact one of our Personal Bankers if you would like to know how you                             can take advantage of this new service


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